What is The Charles Richardson Show?

First off its a show that is hosted by a man named, Charles Richardson.

The show is all about whats trending in the world, entertainment gossip, weird and stupid news, and more.

Back in 2015 we started under the name

"The Mad Talk Show"
Its was an idea that came from the shows 1st co-host, Matty Rock. It is also worth mentioning he didn't last long as a contributor to the show.

But, he is still credited with the idea of the first show name.

The original schedule was Wednesday nights 8:30pm-10pm EST (90 min). That only lasted a few months before expanding the show time to 2 hours (8pm-10pm, then eventually 7pm-9pm)

After establishing the name of the show there was interest in people joining the show.

Alyssa, Charles's wife, joined the show first. Mainly just to be with him. She didn't bring much to the table at first, but taking on the role of

"The Good News Woman", she is more outspoken and more comfortable with the mic.

She is currently still with the show. 


Matt D was the quick to reach out and show interest in doing the show. Matt had a passion for doing something involving podcasting or radio. Matt is a certified smartass and very quick witted on the mic. He always kept the host in check. He joined Charles and Alyssa in studio. However, due to college, job, and having a baby, Matt was not able to continue co-hosting. It was still a pleasure to have him on the show.

Next to join was El Bushman.

An established DJ and great at doing voices and comic relief. One of the best bits Bushman created was "Craigslist Missed Connections".

He put on the "Ladies Man" voice (a character from SNL) and reported on a few ads from the CL page. It always killed and was awesome. The sad part was Bushman was remote from a Skype line which worked only part of the time, that plus family life caused Bush to only last about a year with the show. He has since moved on to the actual AM radio airwaves with his show The Sports Arena.

After Matt and Bushman left the show there was a point of time where it was just Charles and Alyssa keeping this the show moving. 

A few people tried out for the show but never really made it or didn't last long. 

Then came Karen. At first it wasn't clear if it would be a good fit for her, but as the shows kept going she grew more comfortable with the mic....and she always had interesting family stories to tell.

Some time a little later David, who is Karen's squeeze, joined the fun in studio. David resembles a quiet monster who does more breathing in the mic than talking. Well, lol, he has been able to get that under control over the coarse of time and is more vocal, especially when he gets into it with Karen. (cue up "The Peoples Court" theme).

This all lasted up until the end of 2017. At that time the show changed its name to the current branding of "The Charles Richardson Show" beginning on Jan 2018.

The show has grown in size as well as overall listener footprint. 


We want to thank all our affiliates who carry the show (live and replay).

Alien X Radio (Live Wed & Fri)

Rockin Waves (Live Wed)

IRN Broadcast (Live Friday)

Rat Pack Sports Radio (Live Friday)
920 WON The Apple (Replay)

Good Talk Radio (Replay)
Powercast 97.9 Internet Radio (Replay)

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